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WOMEN Directors



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BPW South Africa and the Department of Trade & Industry launched South Africa’s first register of “Women directors” at a Business Breakfast held with over 200 CEO’s and high level government officials.  Acting Director General, Mrs Pumla Ncapayi of the Department of Small Business Development (The Department of Trade & Industry) handed over certificates to 30+ senior businesswomen whoall fulfil stringent criteria for corporate governance and legislation and are well trained through our “Women on Boards” director development programme.  

These women directors make it clear that there are more than enough eminently qualified women to help lead South Africa’s corporations into the 21st century and that it is now time to shatter the glass ceiling that keeps these women from ascending to board positions.  Furthermore, it’s time we provide opportunities to more women than just the “high flyers” who currently occupy most board seats.

We need to use all of our society’s talents to ensure that South Africa’s economy thrives. We often hear the argument that there are insufficient qualified women to occupy positions in the boardroom. Today BPW SA and the Department of Trade & Industry are shattering those myths as well as glass ceilings! This register shows that the qualified women are there – it’s just a matter of finding them and we’ve made it easy through our database.  There is no longer any excuse for recruiting unqualified non-executive female directors onto a board.

 The register is administered by BPW SA in consultation with the Department of Trade & Industry. All women listed on our register are suitable to be considered for company board-level positions and meet a clear set of criteria.  Every application to be part of our register is formally assessed and reviewed and only those women who meet the criteria are accepted. Notably, all women on our register have extensive formal qualifications and at least five years senior management experience.

Companies should now make use of this untapped pool of talent, and businesswomen interested in potential board posts, should be joining the “Women on Boards” programme and ultimately our national register, in order to promote their profile amongst a larger audience.  For more information, give us a call on (011) 794-4991 or 083 212 9134