on 28 February 2013

The BPW South Africa services are targeted towards mid to senior businesswomen seeking to develop their skills and knowledge on their way up the corporate ladder.  This includes women owned enterprises with a minimum of R1 million annual turnover.   


  1. Encouraging more women on boards and in senior decision-makingTo aide public and private sector leaders in preparation for this, BPW South Africa and the Department of Trade & Industry (the dti) have joined forces to invest in a world class Women on Boards Director Development Programme to create a Register of female leaders in South Africa who are excellently trained and, as a result, are highly sought after by Boards. 
  2. Development of a Gender based ProcurementA Women Owned Enterprise supplier database for corporations and government procurement departments who wish to demonstrate and measure diversity in their procurement practices. Also to introduce women to international networks to create business opportunities through international trade.