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Role play offers candidates an experience that combines both rational and emotional decision making and is therefore much closer to real life than more traditional cases. Each candidate is given a board role and participates fully as if this was her true role on a board.  Various decisions need to be made based on an Agenda and documents in the board pack.

Emotional pressures

Business cases are great as exercises in rational decision making. However, participants don’t feel the emotional pressures that an executive feels. With role play, participants can act out their roles, interact with each other, make decisions under pressure, and try to persuade their colleagues to support them. This format combines the rational and emotional in decision-making.

Directors’ skills

Role play is particularly effective for learning director’s skills because it involves the collective work of many participants. Boards of directors are collective decision-making bodies and it’s very hard to learn to make such collective decisions without actually doing it.

Right or wrong answers?

The goal of the simulation is for participants to experience a real board meeting and pre-board work. The focus is on both the group dynamics, what we call the ‘board process’ and on the board’s decisions.  Where no decisions are made, or if there are resignations following a simulated board meeting, then it is clear that something went fundamentally wrong and this would need to be addressed.

Final exam

We use the Board Simulation as a sort of a ‘final exam’ for people participating in our Women on Boards Programme. As well as learning the skills they need to operate efficiently as a board member they can also observe their colleagues’ successes and failures. We believe it helps to have a more realistic picture of oneself and to  ‘steal with pride’ some tools and tricks from colleagues.


Prospective and newly appointed directors who already have the governance and legal knowledge to participate in board meetings or who have attended our 2-day King IV training programme.  Small businesses who run board meetings and need to know more about the process involved.  Minimum number of candidates is 5 and maximum is 10.


09h00 – 14h00 in Bryanston





R5000 per person which includes a full board pack, a trainer for oversight and final analysis of each candidate, refreshments, free parking.

R1000 per person discount for two or more candidates