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Fraud Prevention
This Fraud Prevention training course provides an overview of several types of financial fraud. The course explains each offence, highlights certain red flags that should raise concerns and explains how these concerns should be escalated to the compliance department.

Frequently in cases of fraud, unscrupulous employees prey upon unsuspecting co-workers and supervisors to penetrate a company's defenses. Because successful fraud is hard to detect, it is critical that employees at all levels have a basic knowledge of how these schemes work and how to recognize the warning signs. Proper fraud awareness training is crucial to a culture of compliance
Course content: 
  1. Describe fraud in terms of means, opportunity & desire
  2. Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of legal aspects relating to fraud in your  business
  3. Explain the difference between a criminal & civil case
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of internal processes around the  investigation of fraud & the law of evidence
  5. Use a systematic approach to deal with fraud once it has occurred
  6. Understand & manage whistleblowing
  7. Analyse trends & the impact of fraud in your business sector
  8. Understand the role of monitoring & control to mitigate risks
  9. Review administration systems in terms of prevention & fraud opportunities
  10. Apply steps to develop a fraud prevention strategy
  11. Apply 8 types of preventative fraud controls
  12. Monitor, review and update policies & procedures
  13. Apply disciplinary procedures as required
  14. Inculcate an ethical culture
One full day 20th September 2019 |  08h30-17h00
The fee of R 4,000 per delegate or R 11,500.00  per 4 delegates.  This covers tuition for the full day,  course material, certificate of attendance, lunch, refreshments and parking.
For enquiries or registration, please contact Antoinette  on Tel: +27 73 930 3206 | Email: