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2-day practical Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance training, where we provide insights to company’s directors, prescribed officers and managers covering the GRC risks, rewards and challenges linked to the daily tasks of fulfilling your duties in a company or state-owned organisation.

In South Africa -- regrettably -- many directors and prescribed officers are not properly informed, neither aware of the vast liabilities they are exposed to within their daily job functions. Moreover, many senior managers may be unwittingly exposed as prescribed officers in terms of the Companies Act 2008, and similar to their directors, share the same personal liabilities when various governance matters become scruntised. Understandably this could have massive implications upon the organisation as a whole, and the associated risks must be managed appropriately so that the performance and profitability of the organisation remains intact, and sustainable.
The training and skills found within Governance training Intervention is highly recommended in the ordinary course of a director’s and a senior manager’s daily tasks, as well as their personal development. Our Governance training will assist delegates understand the many nuances attached to their functions, and unpack practical issues to equip them to becoming more confident and informed of their fiduciary duties. Directors and senior managers have to be ahead of their game, and in order to stay ahead, their wider practical understanding of governance, risk and compliance related matters is a non-negotiable.

This 2-day accredited Governance training is designed to maximise individual attention to the delegate’s unique circumstances as it relates to many issues attached to corporate governance, risk and compliance. Once you have attended the Governance training 

1.    as an existing director or senior manager, you will be better equipped to discuss and apply your new-found knowledge within your workplace, as well as understand its relevance to a Corporate Governance training.

2.    as an existing director or senior manager, you will have greater confidence as you fulfil your daily fiduciary role and tasks to mitigate the risks faced by the organisation and its officers;

3.    You will earn 30 CPD points.
When completing the 2-day Governance training, all delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance which is valid for two-years, as well as proof of CPD points earned.

  1. Introduction to understanding of Corporate Governance (Companies Act 08, King III &  differences to King IV™)
  2. What to expect in King IV™
  3. Duties, responsibilities & liabilities of directors
  4. The Board as a team
  5. Roles: Chairman, CEO, Company Secretary, directors & managers
  6. Accountability vs. responsibility
  7. Board evaluation, Board types, Board dysfunction, director removal & delinquency
  8. Preparing for a board position
  9. Business Judgment Rule
  10. Managing a company - a tricky act
  11. Ethics & decent corporate citizen
  12. Turquand Rule
  13. Connecting governance with innovation
  14. Connecting governance to risk - including legislative risks
  15. Understanding the Corporate Governance Framework®
  16. State of the GRC nation
  17. What exactly is Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)?
  18. Common GRC hurdles & complaints (directors, managers, organisation)
  19. Environmental sustainability
  20. Key board issues & thoughts (local & international)
  21. Impacts & benefits that can be expected
  22. Fourth Industrial Revolution & implications on Africa’s future governance
This 2-day accredited Governance training is designed to maximise individual attention to the delegate’s unique circumstances, particularly as it relates to the many issues attached to corporate governance and leadership challenges.

Existing directors, newly appointed directors for director induction, all senior managers, prescribed officers of companies for profit and non-profit, government departments, including human resources, governance, risk, compliance, legal and risk professionals.

Two full days |  08h30-17h00
17 & 18th July 2019, Johannesburg
18 & 19th September 2019, Johannesburg

The fee of R 5,000  per delegate or R14,000 per group booking of 4 delegates.  This covers tuition for two full days, course material, certificate of attendance, lunch, refreshments and parking. Payment must be made within 5 days of invoice date.  


For enquiries or registration, please contact Antoinette on Tel: +27 73 930 3206 | Email: