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The BPW Events was launched by Minister Rob Davies of the Department of Trade & Industry (the dti) in July 2011. BPW Events Pty Ltd is a registed events company in South Africa. 


The Execu-Dinners are an exclusive and unique dinner series, which brings together leaders of the economy for exclusive networking opportunities. The event gives a wide range of possibilities for a regular and thriving exchange of plans and ideas. The guest list is always hand-picked: Each time, 20 top level industry leaders get to meet to strengthen exchange of leading ideas.

They gather a selected round of CEOs, heads of departments, founders, as well as key managing partners of the best firms to interact in an informal way. The key selection criteria are the relevance and the performance of the invited participants and their companies. Invitations are exclusive and non-transferable.

Restricted number of participants for each event
• Invitations are based on the participants’ relevance and  influence within the community.
• Dinners as well as participants have a strong focus to disrupt and create new ideas
• Dinners focus on exchange of plans, ideas and trends within the participants’ specific area of expertise



Corporate Governance Training 

Training on governance, Legal and compliance solutions with specific offerings in General Compliance Risk Management, Commercial, Labour and International Trade Law, BBBEE Policy

20 & 21 September 2019

R5000 per person for 2 days 

This two day Corporate Governance course provides delegates with an understanding of key Corporate Governance principles and offers practical advice on Corporate Governance best practice. It provides in-depth coverage of the King IV Corporate Governance Code, board structures, roles and committees, reporting and disclosure, corporate social responsibility and risk governance, governance and compliance.

Led by an experienced tutor, this two-day course will guide you through an implementation of an effective Corporate Governance.

Course Introduction and Overview of Governance Risk and Compliance
Corporate Governance
Enterprise Risk Management
Compliance Management

Introduction to King IV
Objectives of King IV
King IV definition of governance
Underpinning philosophies of King IV
Legal Status of King IV
Scope of application of King IV
Application – appropriate application of King IV
Transition from King III to King IV

Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
Ethical Leadership
Organisation Values, ethics and Culture
Responsible corporate citizenship

Performance and reporting
Strategy, implementation, performance
Reports and disclosures

Governing Structures and Delegation
Role of the Governing Body
Composition of the governing body
Committees of the governing body
Delegation to management
Performance evaluations

Governance Functional Areas
Risk and opportunity governance
Technology and information governance
Compliance governance
Remuneration governance

Stakeholder Relationships
Responsibilities of shareholders

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